Survivor Season 34: Game Changers! Pre-Show Predictions

Game Changers is actually. going. to. happen.

Well, it has happened. Filming ended a while ago, ballots are waiting in the box with the name of the winner, and Jeff Probst has successfully filmed 34 seasons of Survivor.

But in a mere three weeks, we are actually. going. to. watch. Game Changers!


Can you think of a better, more enthusiastic, brilliant, and manipulative blend of past players to return? My anticipation is through the roof, so to speak. The mix of strategy, social game, and pure genius is blowing my mind. Nice job, CBS!

Is it even possible to make a winner prediction this season? With all the factors that you have to account for and the numerous returning winners, predicting any outcome is daunting… but, I’m going to try.

I’m geeking out right now. I’m combining two of my favorite things: Survivor, and Ranking Things. My pre-show prediction list is in order of least likely to win, to most likely to win. All opinions are my own, and of course, I welcome any discourse on the topics presented.

Survivor Season 34 Pre-Show Predictions

*I do not read spoilers. This ranking is not a prediction of boot order.

20. Brad Culpepper (Survivor: Blood vs Water)BRAD-CULPEPPER.jpg

I have nothing against good ol’ Brad Culpepper. But a lot of people from his season sure did. Google this guy, and the first thing that pops up is the most memorable quote about him, “F*** you, Brad Culpepper”. He didn’t make it very far in Blood vs. Water, and there’s a reason for that. He’s not strategic, he allows his ego to overshadow his efforts, and socially, he has a difficult time fostering relationships. I’ll be surprised if he makes the merge.

19. Ozzy Lusth (Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: Micronesia, Survivor: South Pacific)


This is a perfect meme for Ozzy because he has NO STRATEGY. Seriously, why is this guy coming back for a fourth time? His only way of even making the merge is hooking up with a strong girl and riding her coat tails to the end. If he couldn’t win the first three times he played, I doubt he can win the fourth.

18. Debbie Wanner (Survivor: Kaoh Rong)


I’m sad to rank Debbie so low. But, in turn, I can’t see Debbie winning this game. While she is highly entertaining for the audience, she is playing against a cast that will have no patience for her shenanigans. If she made it to the end, I don’t see a jury validating her chaotic game play. Of course, she could change her strategy (like she changes jobs), but I wouldn’t bet on her.

17. Jeff Varner (Survivor: The Australian Outback, Survivor: Cambodia)


I love Jeff Varner. I love that he ripped the sleeves off of his shirt, and then still wore the sleeves. I love the comeback he made from Australia and the four entertaining episodes he gave us in Cambodia. The problem is, he only gave us 4 episodes. He was out early and he struggled. He’s entertaining, but in a field of super-strategizers, I don’t think he’ll stick out.

16. Troyzan Robertson (Survivor: One World)


I’m happy that Troyzan is getting a second chance to play. He was severely overshadowed in One World by Kim (probably the best of ALL time), and he was consistently on the outs due to the all-girls alliance. That being said, his social game was poor. So, while I am rooting for him, I am ranking him low based on prior gameplay.

15. Hali Ford (Survivor: Worlds Apart)


I’ve watched almost every season of Survivor twice. When the cast announcement was made, I had a difficult time remembering Hali. And, to be cast in a “Game Changer” season? It is a bit mystifying. That being said, Hali could fly under the radar with all the other “larger” threats. She’s not dumb, she’s a sweet girl… she has a shot.

14. Andrea Boehlke (Survivor: Redemption Island, Survivor: Caramoan)


This is exactly my reaction to Andrea being cast on another season of Survivor. I just don’t get it… I guess she has a fair shot to win simply based on the fact that this will be her third time playing. You would think her strategy would be more evolved. I dunno – I got nothing here.

13. Sarah Lacina (Survivor: Cagayan)


I quite like Sarah and think she played a solid game. Unfortunately, she was Tony-ed. But, she’s likable, she’s smart, and she is physically able to tackle the game and win challenges. I would imagine she does better this go ’round.

12. Tai Trang (Survivor: Kaoh Rong)


The only reason I am putting Tai this high on my list is because he is super likable and willing to make big moves. Aside from that, he is unable to keep a secret, he switches sides basically every Tribal, and his is way too emotional to play a solid, strategic game. (But maybe he’ll make another chicken super popular?)

11. Caleb Reynolds (Survivor: Kaoh Rong)


Caleb… he’s come so far since his debut on Big Brother. It’s a universal sentiment that he was much preferred on Survivor, and it is no surprise that he is back after his untimely exit from Kaoh Rong. I like Caleb, I’m rooting for Caleb. Beast Mode!

10. Ciera Eastin (Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Survivor: Cambodia)


Ciera has proven to be a tough and witty competitor. She has plenty of experience to draw from, and she clearly will not hesitate to backstab and lie ( Jeff loves to remind us how she voted her mom out). Awe, everything I love in a Survivor.

9. Sierra Dawn Thomas (Survivor: Worlds Apart)


It’s risky placing Sierra this high in the rankings, but I think she is the one person that could slip through to the end. Do I see her as a “Game Changer”? No. But, she’s strong, social, and should have virtually no target on her back.

8. Malcolm Freberg (Survivor: Philippines, Survivor: Caramoan)


Malcolm is a legitimate Survivor player who could easily win this game. While he is a threat, there are several other larger threats that he could use at ‘meat shields’. While Malcolm’s game play in Caramoan wasn’t strategically sound, he proved in the Philippines that he is capable of using his brain and going far.

7. Zeke Smith (Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X)


Zeke has the distinct advantage of being the new kid on the block; the other players haven’t had years to mull over his strategy. In addition, he didn’t go terribly far in S33, making the target on his back significantly smaller. Zeke is all about playing based on logic and strategy, which will appeal to this jury.

6. Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X)


Michaela left way too soon last season. I am SO HAPPY she was cast back, and not at all surprised. Michaela is super smart, and her mind is a huge threat to the rest of the Castaways. If she can mask her strategic prowess, she could go all the way; and I’m rooting for her!

5. JT Thomas (Survivor: Tocantins, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains)


Ignore his gameplay in S20, the poor guy has the lasting legacy of getting schooled by Russell Hantz (but who hasn’t been schooled by RH?). JT played an amazing game in Tocantins. He was SO likable, the other players confessed to wanting to lose just so JT could win. JT may be the only player in this cast that can win based on an excellent social game. I’m rooting for Tocantins-JT.

4. Sandra Diaz-Twine (Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains)


The Queen! She’s played twice. She’s won twice. If she gets to the end, I have no doubt she’ll be crowned with a third victory. She is one of my most anticipated returnees; can she do it again?

3. Aubry Bracco (Survivor: Kaoh Rong)


There is no question in my mind that Aubry should have won Kaoh Rong. She played an excellent game based on strategy, but she also held her own in the competitions. I would love to see her win this powerhouse season and prove that she belongs in a list of the greats.

2. Cirie Fields (Survivor: Panama, Survivor: Micronesia, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains)


Cirie has orchestrated some of the best moves in Survivor history. She has gotten so close to the end, but hasn’t been able to execute and win. If she can avoid the inevitable target that will be on her in the beginning, she could outsmart her way to the end.

1.Tony Vlachos (Survivor: Cagayan)

Never will I ever vote against Tony Vlachos.

Survivor: Game Changers premiers on March 8th on CBS!

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Sabotage? Or the game!- Season 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 8

Another brain bites the dust.

This is difficult for me to watch, guys. I’ll choose a brain over a brawn or a beauty any day; in my personal life, in Survivor- it doesn’t matter. The most successful castaways in the history of the game have been brain-y; people that excel at the strategy aspect that enable them to outwit, outplay, and essentially, outlast. People that can effectively manipulate their competition to their advantage and come out on top in the end.

The strategy is why I love Survivor.

The problem with this season is the naming of the tribes. One would expect the brains to be the biggest threat- however, it is evident after 8 episodes that brain exists everywhere in this game. Survivor casted several double agents; and aside from a small few, most of the castaways are not only brawn or beauty, they are also brain.

Because of the perception that the intellectual prevail in this game, is it actually a disadvantage to be put on the brain tribe? Is it better to be brain-y but masked by a brawn or a beauty label?

Go back to Cagayan where Tony Vlachos masterminded the entire game from start to finish. He was cast as a brawn, but his intellectual prowess was unmatched by any of the so-called brains. Did he have a clear advantage in that he was underestimated and written off as a ‘jock’?

I’m not sure how all of this will pan out- but I do know that my early winner pick, Debbie, is out; and my other winner pick, Kyle Jason, is a jerk.

Survivor 2, Erica 0


Quote of the Episode:

*Scot throws water on fire*

Joe: Why would you sabotage our camp?

Scot: Why would you sabotage us?

Joe: What do you mean sabotage you? It’s the game!


Joe isn’t doing much- but that comment is spot on! #RespectTheGame

I can’t forsee a scenario in which Scot can emerge triumphant.

A) He’s already a millionaire (unfortuneately our society rewards the brawn even if they are sore losers)

B) He pulled a J’Tia/Brandon H. and crossed a line- he let his emotions get the best of him. 

Alright- let’s take a stab at these rankings!

* I don’t read spoilers



Pre-Merge Boot/Med Evac Order:

1. Darnell Hamilton (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_darnellhamilton

2. Jennifer Lanzetti (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_jenniferlanzetti

3. Liz Markham (Chan Loh)     svr32_cast_800x1000_elisabethmarkham

4. Caleb Reynolds (Gondolsvr32_cast_800x1000_calebreynolds

5. Alecia Holden (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_aleciaholden

6. Anna Khait (GondolGondolsvr32_cast_800x1000_annakhait

7. Peter Baggenstos (Chan LohGondolsvr32_cast_800x1000_peterbaggenstos



1. Neal Gottlieb (Chan Loh, Chan Loh, Dara) svr32_cast_800x1000_nealgottlieb

In the beginning I was not a Neal fan. However, his clearly strategic personality and his energy to stay in the game converted me to the Neal side. It is so difficult to see a med evac for someone who so desperately wants to stay. Will we see Neal again? I hope so.

2. Nick Maiorano (Gondol, Chan Loh, Dara) svr32_cast_800x1000_nickmaiorano

Nick had a promising outlook in the game until he allowed himself to become too arrogant and too comfortable. He shouldn’t have boasted and then broadcast his safety to the rest of the tribe. The immunity challenge was a clear foreshadowing of what was to come for Nick; he lost the challenge and he lost the game. Also, is he a robot?

3. Debbie Wanner (Chan Loh, Chan Loh, Dara) svr32_cast_800x1000_debbiewanner

Pre-merge, Debbie’s game was on point. Post-merge, she completely lost her edge. She was playing the offensive too hard, she trusted Julia too much, and she was too annoying. I love Debbie and I hope we see her again, but she needs to change her game play is she wants to go to the end. OH- and was bean-bag throwing another one of Debbie’s jobs??

Dara Rankings (Merged Tribe)

*My rankings aren’t meant to predict book order. I rank by person I feel has the best chance to win the game.

8. Joseph Del Campo svr32_cast_800x1000_josephdelcampo

He hasn’t built the resume to win the game. He’s a good guy and I don’t think he is in jeopardy any time soon, but what is his argument in the end? He’s loyal to a fault and big moves just don’t appear to be in his future.

7. Julia Sokolowski svr32_cast_800x1000_juliasokolowski

I’ve underestimated Julie the entire time and must admit I was impressed with her strategy this episode. I was even more impressed when she won immunity. However, she is playing both sides and usually that type of gameplay doesn’t win in Survivor.

6. Kyle Jason svr32_cast_800x1000_kylejason

He is so disliked at this point that a scenario in which he wins isn’t evident. I really dislike watching this guy play. He aspires to be like Russell Hantz, but the difference between him and Russell is that all of Russell’s moves were calculated and executed with precision. Kyle hiding the machete in such an obvious manner only shows that he is playing based on emotions, and we all know that isn’t the Hantz gameplay.

5. Scot Pollard svr32_cast_800x1000_scotpollard

Kyle and Scot are sticking around for a bit only because they have the Super Idol. I truly can’t see a jury voting for these guys in the end. I hope someone pours water on his head during the reunion show.

4. Cydney Gillon svr32_cast_800x1000_cydneygillon

We all know after this episode that Cydney can climb a damn tree. We also know that she’s making some brilliant moves and has probably done herself a favor by distancing herself from the rest of brawn. She’s a powerful player and I hope see her at the end.

3. Michele Fitzgerald svr32_cast_800x1000_michelefitzgerald

She’s strong and confident and making only good choices. She was someone I truly underestimated, but I believe her gameplay exhibits the grit that can get her to the end.

2. Tai Trang svr32_cast_800x1000_taitrang

Totally mixed emotions in regards to Tai. I like him and enjoyed his strong moral compass in the beginning of the episode. However, joining the ranks of Jason and Scot and childishly putting out the fire that our boy Joe works so hard on was infuriating. In addition, he let the cat out of the bag about the Super Idol and he’s strategically put himself on the outs. 

1. Aubry Bracco svr32_cast_800x1000_aubrybraco

Does anyone else feel like Aubry is narrating the game at this point? I feel like all we see is Aubry confessionals. We know from Debbie’s Ponderosa video that Aubry won’t attain Debbie’s vote if she gets to the end, but I can see this underdog easily lapping everyone else in her path.

Winner Pick

Aubry Bracco

You go, girl!


There you have it folks, the eighth episode of Survivor 32 in the books! Check back next week for more Recaps and Rankings. 

Until next time,


Part-Time Models- Season 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 6

Tribal Council was ‘live’! Jeff doesn’t say it often and when he does it is pretty exciting! I love votes that aren’t obvious and I love that Julia is staying around.

Anyone else notice there hasn’t been much digging, lately? I wonder if they realized that was a bad idea…

Too soon?

What we know:

-Nick feels like he can control all the women because of his finely-chiseled bones and his Greek God-like appearance. He is infuriating to watch but his confessionals were spot on.

-Michele knows what she is doing and is playing a smart game. I was so happy to see a few confessionals from her- and I liked what I saw. I hope she is the reason that Nick leaves the game (if he ever does leave…) Now she just needs to learn to untie knots a little quicker…

-Nick almost beat a professional basketball player in a shooting contest.

– I realize Scot was never a ‘shooter’ when he played pro, but if you’re going to be a pro basketball player shouldn’t you be at least kinda good at shooting baskets, at least more than the average Joe (not Del Campo)? I’m unimpressed.

-Julia goes to Boston University which was the school I always wanted to go to! I just like her more now. And she smartly lied about her age; 18 could be a liability in the game.

– Julia is playing the Sandra Diaz-Twine game… ‘anyone but me’. This paid off for Sandra-twice!

-Is Kyle still in the game?

-Debbie wants a woman to win the game. I want Debbie to win the game. Looks like we’re good, there!

-All three idols are in play and mostly secret, and they belong to Kyle, Tai, and Neal.

-Next week is the MERGE!!! The game has been good- but this is when it gets super exciting!

Let’s get to the rankings!

* I don’t read spoilers



Pre-Merge Boot/Med Evac Order:

1. Darnell Hamilton (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_darnellhamilton

2. Jennifer Lanzetti (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_jenniferlanzetti

3. Liz Markham (Chan Loh)     svr32_cast_800x1000_elisabethmarkham

4. Caleb Reynolds (Gondolsvr32_cast_800x1000_calebreynolds

5. Alecia Holden (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_aleciaholden

6. Anna Khait (GondolGondolsvr32_cast_800x1000_annakhait

7. Peter Baggenstos (Chan Loh, Gondolsvr32_cast_800x1000_peterbaggenstos

I’m sure Peter is lovely in person, but his social game was hopeless and aside from Nick, he was the most arrogant person in Kaoh Rong. Buh-bye!

Chan Loh Tribe Rankings (Brains)

6. Michele Fitzgerald svr32_cast_800x1000_michelefitzgerald

Look bruh- this is a girl who doesn’t need to be carried, bruh! As far as Chan Loh is concerned, I believe Michele to be at the bottom. But with a merge on the horizon and the opportunity for her to reunite with Julia, things may be looking up. Bro.

5. Cydney Gillon svr32_cast_800x1000_cydneygillon

I like Cydney, but we never hear from her. Not much of a winner’s edit- or any edit for that matter.

4. Nick Maiorano svr32_cast_800x1000_nickmaiorano

I personally don’t understand the attraction to Nick- although I do like his full beard! Nick is smart and he is thinking long-term in the game. However, there are three other strong men that already have idols. Nick also proved himself as a physical threat in the game and could easily be the next to go.

3. Neal Gottlieb svr32_cast_800x1000_nealgottlieb

I want to write more about Neal but I just don’t have a lot of material. He’s sitting pretty and I’m sure we will see more of him in the very near future.

2. Kyle Jason svr32_cast_800x1000_kylejason

Kyle is invisible and didn’t have a single confessional in this episode. But he has an idol and he’s about to be reunited with Scot, so I would say he remains in a power position.

1. Debbie Wanner svr32_cast_800x1000_debbiewanner

Debbie is hilarious and making strong social connections all over this game. We see her connecting with Nick and Michele this episode, and we know from previous episodes that she has a connection with Kyle and Cydney. Thank you, CBS, for casting Debbie!

Gondol Tribe Rankins (Beauty)

5. Julia Sokolowski svr32_cast_800x1000_juliasokolowski

Glad she is still here, but not sure how long she is going to last. I’ve ranked her low this entire time, but she is proving to be better than I anticipated. Congratulations on making the merge! 

4. Joseph Del Campo svr32_cast_800x1000_josephdelcampo

If Joe ever asks you a question, don’t dance around it- just say yes or no. The guy is a retired FBI agent and loyal to a fault. The first half of the episode Joe was on point. He should have ditched Peter and gone with the numbers. However, Joe does take a hit to the head very valiantly.

3. Aubry Bracco svr32_cast_800x1000_aubrybraco

Aubry convinced Joe to make amends with Peter, not vote Peter out, and then shifted the entire tribal council. Aubry started the game with an emotional break down, but she has rallied and is playing a fairly good game. Also, she looks nothing like her casting photo.

2. Scot Pollard svr32_cast_800x1000_scotpollard

He’s a terrible free-thrower, but luckily the Survivor slogan doesn’t read “out-shoot”. Scot has powerful allies in the game. However, can someone who already has a lot of money win this game? Not sure about that one.

1. Tai Trang svr32_cast_800x1000_taitrang

He’s in the power spot of this tribe and surely will be in the new tribe, too. 

Winner Pick

Debbie Wanner

Casting my vote for this part-time model!


There you have it folks, the sixth episode of Survivor 32 in the books! Check back next week for more Recaps and Rankings. 

Until next time,


Tribal Council is Like High School Prom- Season 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 5

The strategic layers that encompassed Episode 5 were profound, rooted, and fathomless. After a no-brainer Alecia vote last week, it was refreshing be able to consider the multiple strategic possibilities that arose as a result of the tribe swap. Did the newly formed Gondol tribe make the best decision?

Here is what we know:

1.Tai has an idol- and that idol could potentially be used as a “Super Idol”.

2. Kyle has an idol, too.

3. Oh, welcome to the idol club, Neal!

4. Scot is the only person with knowledge of two idols in the game.

5. Julia will leave Brawn Beach and join Gondol in the next episode.

6. Anna did not ‘out’ Tai’s idol as she left the game. Anna is paving the way for a smooth transition for Julia to Gondol.

What could have happened:

It appeared that Tai would use his idol to blindside arrogant Peter and keep his Beauty babe, Anna, around longer. Let’s say that he does this… 

Pros: Peter leaves the game and Julia returns to Gondol. Anna, Julia and Tai are three strong Beautys and are sitting pretty till the merge.

Cons: Tai wastes an idol.

In my head, this would have been a fool-proof plan. But what are the long-term repercussions of Tai using the idol to save Anna?

Tai’s late idol reveal to Anna may have signaled to Anna that Tai is secretive and can’t be trusted. After all, Tai and Anna have been together this entire game and Tai is just now revealing that he has an idol after denying this information for so long? Anna would have certainly gone after Tai later in the game.

Anna and Julia are much closer to each other than they are to Tai. So perhaps Tai choosing to stick with his new ally, Scot, is better for him in the long run?

Scot’s strategic mind was revealed in this episode and he deserves credit for convincing Tai to not use the idol. I had written Scot off after previous episodes, but obviously he is here to play- and he’s using his brain. And his brawn. Probably not his beauty.

Let’s get to the rankings!

* I don’t read spoilers



Pre-Merge Boot/Med Evac Order:

1. Darnell Hamilton (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_darnellhamilton

2. Jennifer Lanzetti (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_jenniferlanzetti

3. Liz Markham (Chan Loh)     svr32_cast_800x1000_elisabethmarkham

4. Caleb Reynolds (Gondolsvr32_cast_800x1000_calebreynolds

5. Alecia Holden (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_aleciaholden

6. Anna Khait (Gondol, Gondolsvr32_cast_800x1000_annakhait

Anna is a victim of the tribe swap. Last week Anna was the Queen Bee of the Beauty tribe and had Caleb not been medically evacuated, the single player Brawn tribe twist would have been non-existent. The Beauty tribe would have been the only complete tribe to go into the swap and I believe Anna would have been in a much better position. Anna was somewhat bested by Tai- had Anna continued to throw Tai under the bus there is a possibility she could have swayed favor with the new Gondol, but Anna gave up that game as soon as Tai showed her the idol and Scot became more influential to Tai.

I’m bummed- I thought Anna would go all the way. Time to move on…

To Tang Tribe Rankings (Brawn)

1. Julia Sokolowski svr32_cast_800x1000_juliasokolowski

I have a feeling that Julia could be the next person to leave the game. Julia will join Gondol, and with Anna gone, who will Julia align with? The original Beauty tribe was strong and it appeared they were all targets of the newly formed tribes. With Tai aligned with Scot, it doesn’t look good for Julia.

Chan Loh Tribe Rankings (Brains)

6. Michele Fitzgerald svr32_cast_800x1000_michelefitzgerald

Michele lost Anna and Julia, her entire alliance, in one swap. Things are not looking good for Michele at this point in the game. I hope she can solidify alliances in the new Chan Loh…

5. Nick Maiorano svr32_cast_800x1000_nickmaiorano

We still haven’t seen a lot out of Nick. The tribe swap certainly worked in his favor, but he is still an original beauty and this will work against him on this tribe. If Blue goes to tribal, Nick could be in trouble.

4. Cydney Gillon svr32_cast_800x1000_cydneygillon

Cydney is on a very strong tribe. Blue is loaded and less likely to make any trips to Tribal Council. Cydney has incurred favor with Debbie and remains with her tight alliance in Kyle. Cydney shouldn’t be underestimated; she is tough and she can go far.

3. Neal Gottlieb svr32_cast_800x1000_nealgottlieb

Not much Neal from Episode 5, but he is in a good position. And- he has an idol!

2. Kyle Jason svr32_cast_800x1000_kylejason

Kyle and Neal could be tied… they are both power players, they are both strategic, and they both have an idol. Kyle barely beats Neal for the fact that Kyle is ruthless.

1. Debbie Wanner svr32_cast_800x1000_debbiewanner

Debbie has the power in this tribe. We see her networking with Cydney, continuing to work side-by-side with Neal, and possibly crushing on Nick. Can we say “win-ner’s ed-it”?

Gondol Tribe Rankins (Beauty)

5. Peter Baggenstos svr32_cast_800x1000_peterbaggenstos

Does Peter remember when Liz was voted out and he fell to the bottom of his tribe? Apparently that scare was not enough to encourage him to start playing a better game. His outright arrogance will make it difficult for him to reach the end of this game.

4. Aubry Bracco svr32_cast_800x1000_aubrybraco

Aubry was very deceptive to Anna this week indicating Aubry’s readiness to play the game. Personally, I don’t think she is mentally stronger than the men on her tribe.

3. Joseph Del Campo svr32_cast_800x1000_josephdelcampo

Joe is hanging in there. He is in a good spot in his new tribe, especially with the  much-disliked Peter there as an easy boot vote.

2. Tai Trang svr32_cast_800x1000_taitrang

It was a difficult decision to rank Tai at #2, but Tai has demonstrated his ability to deceive and strategize while still being extremely likable. Don’t forget the idol…

1. Scot Pollard svr32_cast_800x1000_scotpollard

Scot may have come to the new Gondol without any allies, but this good be a good thing for him. He is a free agent and his strong physical prowess in challenges will keep him around. He demonstrated his mental capacity to play this game, and he knows the idol ins and outs. Scot gets a ranking promotion!

Winner Pick

Debbie Wanner

I’ve stuck by Kyle for four weeks now, but it is time for a change. Debbie is playing a great game and has my vote to win.. for now.


There you have it folks, the fifith episode of Survivor 32 in the books! Check back next week for more Recaps and Rankings. 

Until next time,


All For a Little Salt & Pepper- Survivor 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 4

It was 70 degrees here today. I took my dogs for a 2-mile walk; I walked at an ordinary pace, I was fully hydrated, I was fully rested, and I was still a bit winded at the of my exercise.

Increase the temperature to 118 degrees, add a high dew point, take away my water and my sleep, and make me dig in the hot sand for an hour.

It is any surprise that three Survivors went down in one challenge?

Survivor couldn’t have known that this would occur or I do not think they would have ran the challenge. Clearly the three bags of balls were very well-hidden and the digging was much too labor-intensive in the Cambodia heat. This challenge seemed really intense for a simple reward challenge and I was shocked when the screen flashed that 45 minutes had elapsed. I can’t imagine we will ever see a challenge like this again.

Props must be given to the Survivor medical team, Dr. Joe, and the production crew. The medical team did an excellent job taking care of all three castaways and making sure everyone was safe. The entire staff on location game together in a tense and unknown time- even Jeff seemed nervous! 

What would have normally been a boring strategic episode based on Alecia’s obvious boot turned out to be one of the most intense, edge-of-my-seat episodes I have ever watched.

What we learned during Episode 4:

  • Caleb goes 100%, all the time- and he has my utmost respect and has earned his beast mode title.
  • There is no doubt that we will see Caleb back on Survivor.
  • Debbie had three confessionals, all compelling & character enriching. Debbie is going far in this game.
  • A tribe swap is on the horizon, Peter can thank his lucky stars for this game twist.
  • Peter isn’t defeated, one of the first quotes of the episode indicates that Peter won’t hesitate to take the brains out one by one at a tribe swap.
  • If you want to inspire your daughters, don’t bully a young female on national TV.
  • Cambodia is cruel and hot and makes me re-think my desire to become a Castaway!

Let’s get to the rankings!

* I don’t read spoilers



Pre-Merge Boot/Med Evac Order:

1. Darnell Hamilton (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_darnellhamilton

2. Jennifer Lanzetti (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_jenniferlanzetti

3. Liz Markham (Chan Loh)     svr32_cast_800x1000_elisabethmarkham

4. Caleb Reynolds (Gondolsvr32_cast_800x1000_calebreynolds

I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t excited about Caleb’s return to CBS reality TV. His Big Brother game didn’t possess the qualities that I often look for in my favorite players. I was so pleasantly surprised with Caleb on Survivor and I wish he would have stayed longer. Having listened to his exit interview, it is obvious that a medical evacuation was absolutely necessary. Caleb spent five days in the ICU, had months of recovery when he got home, wasn’t able to work out and had to limit his time in the sun, and even spoke about his eyes having light sensitivity for 6 months after the game. In hindsight, Caleb shouldn’t have given the challenge his “all”- especially a simple reward challenge where the “reward” was salt & pepper. But, that’s not how a beast mode cowboy plays the game. The emotions shown on the beauty tribe during Caleb’s evacuation is a true testament to how well Caleb was playing the social game. I can’t wait to see Caleb on my TV again.

5. Alecia Holden (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_aleciaholden

It is safe to say that the way Alecia was treated was incorrect. It was difficult to watch Kyle and Scot speak to her the way that they did. Alecia is a fighter, she doesn’t take any “lip”, and she seems to be the only Brawn who knows how to start a fire. That being said, her inability to back-down was most likely annoying to her tribe, her sand-kicking at the challenge was unhelpful, and she had absolutely no alliance. It was just time for her to go.

To Tang Tribe Rankings (Brawn)

3. Scot Pollard svr32_cast_800x1000_scotpollard

I fully realize that the edit could be making Scot look worse than the reality. After all, Scot is tired, dehydrated, and mentally strained. However, I simply can’t root for him after the way he came off in this week’s episode. Also, I do not believe he is stronger than either Cydney or Kyle, and that is why I have ranked him last on this tribe.

2. Cydney Gillon svr32_cast_800x1000_cydneygillon

Cydney had a scary moment at the challenge, but thankfully recovered and managed to keep her strong position in the ‘in’ of her tribe. We caught a glimpse of her strong connection with Kyle during the challenge and it is obvious that both Kyle and Scot respect and trust her. 

1. Kyle Jason svr32_cast_800x1000_kylejason

I realize that Kyle is mostly being referred to as Jason. I personally do not feel he has earned a last name calling yet, so I will continue to refer to him as Kyle. 

Kyle’s edit this episode paints him in a bad light. However, the other tribes have not seen his behavior toward Alecia and Alecia is not on the jury to bad mouth Kyle. In my opinion, he is still in a very good position moving forward. And- he has the idol.

Chan Loh Tribe Rankings (Brains)

5. Aubry Bracco svr32_cast_800x1000_aubrybraco

Aubry is hanging in there. We know from episode three that she isn’t in immediate danger of being voted out from her tribe. That being said, I haven’t seen enough of her to move her out of last place which is where my gut is telling me she goes.

4. Joseph Del Campo svr32_cast_800x1000_josephdelcampo

I was worried about Joe during the challenge, but he hung in there and made sure his partner Debbie was taken care of before she heat-stroked. I am interested to see which tribe Joe goes to next week and who he bonds with- if anyone.

3. Peter Baggenstos svr32_cast_800x1000_peterbaggenstos

Peter has not given up, plans to avenge Liz, and is certainly going to be kept around for his ‘pretty muscles’. Peter’s outlook is looking less and less gloomy by the minute.

2. Neal Gottlieb svr32_cast_800x1000_nealgottlieb

What a great time for Neal to choose to sit out of a challenge! I want to see more of Neal- there is too little to truly gauge his position in the game.

1. Debbie Wanner svr32_cast_800x1000_debbiewanner

As I mentioned above, we heard a lot from Debbie this week. One of the first things Debbie does when she returns from tribal is tell Peter, “I couldn’t let it be you”. This statement is indicative of Debbie having the power in the tribe. And if she doesn’t have the power, she certainly wants to paint that image. The preview also alludes to Debbie being the power player of her tribe. I believe Debbie is on top, but a tribe swap can really shift the game. However, I hope Debbie continues to impress to the end.

On a side note, was anyone else surprised when Debbie spoke about her children? I assumed from episode 1 that she was without children because she claimed to be a ‘caretaker to none’. I really enjoyed seeing this side of Debbie.

Gondol Tribe Rankins (Beauty)

5. Nick Maiorano svr32_cast_800x1000_nickmaiorano

The women on Beauty are tight and Nick is surely less likable than Tai. the tribe swap will be exponentially beneficial to Nick’s game.

4. Tai Trang svr32_cast_800x1000_taitrang

Regardless of where Tai goes next week, he should be safe. He is very likable and, better yet, he has an idol.

3. Julia Sokolowski svr32_cast_800x1000_juliasokolowski

Julia has a tight alliance and is keeping a low profile. It is difficult to say how safe I think she is based on the unknowns of the tribe swap- but I do not see Julia as a target any time soon. I want to know more about  Julia!

2. Michele Fitzgerald svr32_cast_800x1000_michelefitzgerald

The best thing for Michele’s game is to stay with Anna and Julia. The likelihood of these three women staying together is low, but Michele should be fine for a while.

1. Anna Khait svr32_cast_800x1000_annakhait

Anna still appears to me to be the most strategic woman on the tribe. Since the women have the power, Anna is still number 1. The beauty girls have had a minimal edit due to their success in the game so I am very interested to see how their Survivor fates are effected next week.

Winner Pick

 Kyle Jason

Just don’t be such a bully, Kyle.


There you have it folks, the fourth episode of Survivor 32 in the books! Check back next week for more Recaps and Rankings. 

Until next time,


Why sit when you can stand… and still get voted out? – Survivor 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 2

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am super excited for a promising bromance between Tai and Caleb. Who would have thought that our very own Beast Mode Cowboy would be such a charmer to anyone other than our BB gal Amber? Keep stealing those kisses, Tai. The bonds are being formed and that kiss could take you all the way to the end!

Player rankings remain difficult, but each episode is giving a little more insight into the castaway dynamics. After choosing Kyle Jason as my winner this past week, this episode surely made me nervous when it appeared that Kyle might go home. However, he survived and his comments at tribal were witty and entertaining. Kyle is plaiyng to win and I still have a lot of faith in his ability to go deep into the game.

So, let’s get right to the rankings!

* I don’t read spoilers



Pre-Merge Boot Order:

1. Darnell Hamilton (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_darnellhamilton

2. Jennifer Lanzetti (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_jenniferlanzetti

Even though Jennifer dug her own eviction grave, took an awkward ‘stand’ at tribal, and surely suffered limited brain ability due to the bug monster, I have a lot of respect for her attempt to play hard and make a big move. Survivor is all about big moves; they are respected and rewarded on the jury and make good TV for the audience. An all girl’s alliance would have been a good move in this scenario! Both Scot and Kyle are strong and will be difficult to beat long-term. Unfortunately, her move was poorly executed, it was too soon in the game, she was caught by her alliance, and there was no hope for her to scramble out of the situation. I am bumming- Jennifer was strong and likeable and I would have loved to see her go further in the game. Maybe CBS will bring Jennifer back some day…

To Tang Tribe Rankings (Brawn)

4. Alecia Holden svr32_cast_800x1000_aleciaholden

Our resident Mental Giant may have escaped this week’s send off, but I’m still thinking she is on the bottom of the Brawn tribe. I have more repsect for Alecia after observing her determination and eventual success to make fire as well as her ability to change the tide to voting off Jennifer. However, based on what the other members of To Tang say about Alecia, she has not garnered enough respect to escape all of the tribal votes. Maybe if she stands up  on her seat and makes a bold statement she’ll last longer? Only time will tell.

3. Cydney Gillon svr32_cast_800x1000_cydneygillon

Cydney has had very little screen time, but she is clearly in the numbers. She has a good rapport with the guys of the tribe, and at this point, that is all that matters.

2. Scot Pollard svr32_cast_800x1000_scotpollard

I truly think Scot could easily be tied with Kyle at the number 1 spot. The only thing that prevents me from establishing a tie ranking is the fact that Scot is most likely already rich and I believe he would have a difficult time convincing the jury to give him the money. So, while he may be number 1 on his current tribe, in the end I believe Kyle would have a better chance to win the game. I’m thinking long-term here and keeping Scot at To Tang #2.

1. Kyle Jason svr32_cast_800x1000_kylejason

While I believe Kyle has what it takes to win the game, I am not sure if I like him on a personal level. A little fun-making and teasing is fine, but a few of the comments he made this past episode about “Blondie” rubbed me the wrong way- I was feeling Jennifer’s sentiment. And dude, burping is gross. However, it is always important to keep the edit in mind and Kyle’s comments may have been warranted. The point is that Kyle is playing a good game two episodes in; he has the alliance, he has the survival skills, and he has the quick wit that you need to win this game.

Chan Loh Tribe Rankings (Brains)

6. Debbie Wanner svr32_cast_800x1000_debbiewanner

While Debbie is still last on my assessment of Team Brain, I really like this woman! Hey before you judge, if I were out there and labeled a brain, I would love to have a Debbie cheerleader in the background cheering on my massive frontal lobe and my wining gray matter. You rock it, Debbie! And anyone who is confident in their ability to drink parasitic water yet avoid all parasites with their horse-strong immune system gets mad credibility in my book. Anyone want to join me at Red Lobster this weekend in the off chance that Debbie is our server?

5. Joseph Del Campo svr32_cast_800x1000_josephdelcampo

Go, Joe! I was not sure what the issue with him and Liz was, but again- the edit. Joe is old, but he is holding is own and his age doesn’t seem to be a factor. I’m hoping good ol’ Joe can go deep.

4. Aubry Bracco svr32_cast_800x1000_aubrybraco

There was very little from Aubry this week as well. Brain isn’t getting the air time at this point in the game, and I suppose that is a good thing… But does anyone else miss the good ol’ days of Aubry breakdowns?

3. Neal Gottlieb svr32_cast_800x1000_nealgottlieb

Neal irritates me on Twitter. Okay okay, that isn’t relevant to the actual episode, but Neal sure does think he is the greatest. Neal seems middle of the pack to me… and I’m not into organic ice cream.

2. Liz Markham svr32_cast_800x1000_elisabethmarkham

Is Liz the new Aubry? Liz freaked out this week about the lack of fire, and hence, lack of water. The difference between Liz and Aubry, though, is that Liz had her emotional freak out by herself and didn’t ask the rest of the tribe to serve her fruit and water while it was occurring. Liz is still a front-runner in my mind.

1. Peter Baggenstos svr32_cast_800x1000_peterbaggenstos

Oba- I mean Peter slides into spot number 1 on the Brains tribe this week. Peter is showing personality, and I like what I see. This guy is smart, he is strong, and he is in the numbers. I would be floored if he didn’t make the merge and beyond.


Gondol Tribe Rankins (Beauty)

6. Nick Maiorano svr32_cast_800x1000_nickmaiorano

I honestly think that everyone on the Beauty tribe is going to be successful in the game. Beauty is winning challenges with ease, they are getting along at camp, and their days at Tribal are non-existent and will surely stay that way for a while. I am putting Nick in Spot #6 primarly because I believe the girls have a stronger bond with eachother, and Tai and Caleb might have more of a bond with each other as well. Nick, I know your looks have gotten you whatever you want in life, but you might be the odd man out on this tribe.

5. Julia Sokolowski svr32_cast_800x1000_juliasokolowski

Beauty is easily my favorite tribe and Julia is one of my favorite castaways this season. I have a lot of respect for the fact that she is only 18 yet seems to be strong and level-headed. Julia has established good relationships and may do better that I had orginally anticipated.

4. Michele Fitzgerald svr32_cast_800x1000_michelefitzgerald

Michele strikes me as intelligent and easy to get along with. I need more air time with Michele.

3. Tai Trang svr32_cast_800x1000_taitrang

Who doesn’t love Tai? He appeared to be in trouble after his failed idol search in the last episode, but he is right back in the numbers this week. Now he needs to figure out a way to uproot the tree with the idol box key so he can assure his safey in the game! And then replant the tree, of course.


2. Caleb Reynolds svr32_cast_800x1000_calebreynolds

Caleb is super likable as a castaway rather than a house guest. He is treating the challenges as a Parkour course and I am thoroughly enjoying watching him sumersault onto the various platforms in the water. Does he have a stunt double out there?  I can’t wait to see more of BMC. (And his giant BMC belt buckle)


1. Anna Khait svr32_cast_800x1000_annakhait

Anna has her girls alliance, a winning tribe, and the brain to accomplish a Survivor win.

Winner Pick

 Kyle Jason. This might change, but for now I am sticking to my early pick.


There you have it folks, the second episode of Survivor 32 in the books! Check back next week for more Recaps and Rankings. And remember, there are no embryos in the fire, only embers.

Until next time,


What’s That Noise in my Ear? – Survivor 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 1

Let’s get one thing out of the way first.

I’ve watched 31 seasons of Survivor- most of them twice. I’ve seen Skupin fall into the fire, Penner sustain a puncture wound to the knee, James cut up his finger, and Russell Swan nearly cross over to the lighter side in Samoa. I’ve never seen anything as disturbing as what I saw last night.

Jennifer- girl- when a bug is burrowing itself into your ear, is it not time to call for medical? Mad respect goes out to this castaway for persevering through an entire night while a bug dug its way into her brain and her ear had visible blood seeping out from inside. Prior to this extremely disturbing scene, I would not turn down the opportunity to be cast on Survivor… I can do rain, I can do hunger, I can do people… but there is no way I am tolerating bugs in my ear.

I hope that said bug didn’t lay a massive amount of eggs in Jennifer’s ear. Since this was filmed a year ago and we haven’t heard anything, I am going to assume that she is fine.

Moving on…


And, it is back with a bang.

Last night’s episode was action-packed and I hope this first episode will be a predictor of the season to come. The characters are dynamic, there is a healthy blend of crazy, and the first tribal ended in a tie vote with Kyle Jason actually changing his vote at Tribal Council which is pretty much unheard of in a first tribal. If BBB2 is anything like BBB1 Cagayan, then we are in for a treat and I could not be more amped!

Player rankings at this stage of the game is more difficult. Aside from character bios and videos and this first episode, I do not know much about the castaways. I am going to rank the players by tribe until we get to the merge.

* I don’t read spoilers



Pre-Merge Boot Order:

1. Darnell Hamilton (To Tangsvr32_cast_800x1000_darnellhamilton

Anyone else surprised that Darnell went first? Based on the pre-season hype of King Darnell, I surely thought he would be in the game longer. Clearly his now infamous #AquaDump (um, gross) and his inability to hold on to the goggles during Challenge Numero Uno were the nails in his coffin. Not sure this was a good move by Brawn, but what is done is done and I am moving on.

To Tang Tribe Rankings (Brawn)

5. Alecia Holden svr32_cast_800x1000_aleciaholden

Alecia is very clearly on the wrong tribe. I’m not sure she would fit on any of the tribes at this point. Girl does nothing. She is an excellent observer of other people doing things… I’m ranking her last on this tribe- but hey, she is a Mental Giant, so maybe I’m wrong?

4. Cydney Gillon svr32_cast_800x1000_cydneygillon

No issues with Cydney, but she seemed to be aligned with Darnell. Now that he is gone, it isn’t looking too promising for her. But- we are only 3 days into the game, she could rally and go far. One thing is for sure, she can beat up her entire tribe if she wants, and that includes NBA man Scot Pollard.

3. Jennifer Lanzetti svr32_cast_800x1000_jenniferlanzetti

She SURVIVED a BUG burrowing into her BRAIN! She can do anything! 36 more days is easy peasy when you aren’t listening to a million legs walking around your ear drum! Woman is amazing… but she seems to be stuck amongst a tribe of bros determined to be in a bro alliance. 

2. Scot Pollard svr32_cast_800x1000_scotpollard

I love that he owned his past. We never see famous people honest about their identity from the get-go in Survivor. I think Scot will go far, especially since he seems tight with Kyle. As long as his size doesn’t lead to a dehydrated med evac, this man is in great shape.

1. Kyle Jason svr32_cast_800x1000_kylejason

Probst is already referring to this guy by his last name. Is he that good?!? The man idolizes Russell Hantz, he isn’t afraid of big moves, and he is already running this tribe. Will his last minute switch hurt him with Scot and Jennifer? Nah…

Chan Loh Tribe Rankings (Brains)

6. Debbie Wanner svr32_cast_800x1000_debbiewanner

The new coach! Debbie has a rocking body for an ‘old’ lady, the best swim suit in the world, and a different job title every time her name is flashed on the screen! But she is clearly annoying her tribe. Brains is already aligning by age, and this isn’t good for Debbie as she in grouped in with Joe as being ‘old’. Hopefully she can get her fellow tribe members to “lay down” for her, similar to a puzzle…

5. Joseph Del Campo svr32_cast_800x1000_josephdelcampo

I love this man. Anyone that looks like that at 72 years old deserves mad respect. Unfortunately, he has the old factor working against him, especially on a tribe that is already all about the young :(.

4. Aubry Bracco svr32_cast_800x1000_aubrybraco

Girl has already had a breakdown. The only reason I didn’t pick her 6th is because she has the youth factor on her side. She might be able to rally, but I’m not sure if her tribe will want to stick with her after her mental collapse.

3. Neal Gottlieb svr32_cast_800x1000_nealgottlieb

I dunno, man is wearing ice cream pants and considers himself in the “young” crowd. Something about Neal is rubbing me the wrong way.

2. Peter Baggenstos svr32_cast_800x1000_peterbaggenstos

Peter is clearly a smart guy and I can see him going far in this game. He is on the correct side of numbers as of now and may actually be a Mental Giant, unlike our gal pal Alecia. But will he freak out if he is continually receiving the Obama reference? Only time will tell!

1.Liz Markham svr32_cast_800x1000_elisabethmarkham

Liz is level-headed, calm, and very intelligent. These are all wonderful factors to have in Survivor. I’m cheering for Liz to make it all the way.

Gondol Tribe Rankins (Beauty)

6. Julia Sokolowski svr32_cast_800x1000_juliasokolowski

This beauty tribe is STACKED! At this point, I would definitely say this is the most likable tribe- even with our BB throwback Beast Mode Cowboy! That being said, it was difficult to rank this tribe. Julia is coming in 6th simply based off age. The girl is fresh out of high school, even stating that just months prior to Survivor she was sitting at a desk listening to a teacher drone on and on in front of the chalkboard. This game could get really difficult for her, and if beauty loses a challenge, she might be seen as weak and the first to go. That being said, I hope I am wrong and I hope she goes far!

5. Tai Trang svr32_cast_800x1000_taitrang

I almost ranked him last because of his blunder with the early and aggressive idol search. And the tree uprooting after his claim that he loves all living things. However, previews make it seem like Tai is going to make his way into the ‘in’ crowd. Tai is likable that I hope he sticks around for the long haul. Anyone else having Yau Man flashbacks?

4. Michele Fitzgerald svr32_cast_800x1000_michelefitzgerald

Don’t even remember Michele that well from this episode. She’s in the numbers though, so let’s rank her in the middle of the pack.

3. Caleb Reynolds svr32_cast_800x1000_calebreynolds

As a huge Big Brother fan, I am happy to see another BB player on Survivor, even if it is Caleb. Sure, Caleb gave off a creepy factor when he was annoyingly obsessed with Amber, but the dude seems super chill on Survivor. And-  Caleb has a big heart. He demonstrated that in BB and he is demonstrating that now in Survivor. 

2. Nick Maiorano svr32_cast_800x1000_nickmaiorano

I am totally turned off by this guy. He is arrogant and too strategic. I think he can run the tribe early, but if he does make it post-merge, there is going to be a huge target on his back.

1. Anna Khait svr32_cast_800x1000_annakhait

Anna is good-looking and intelligent which could be a great combination for Survivor. I’m excited to see how Anna incorporates her Poker-player bluff and deception into this game.

Winner Pick

If I had to pick a winner based off of Episode 1, I would go with Kyle Jason. I think this guy can deceive, scramble, and strategize with the best of them.


There you have it folks, the first episode of Survivor 32 in the books! Check back next week for more Recaps and Rankings. What could Kaoh Rong?

Until next time,


Survivor Season 31: Scenarios & Jury Breakdowns

Based on the previews from last week, something wild is going to happen in this finale. Could we see a Final 4 for the first time in Survivor history? Could we see a tie for the winner? Both are very possible and reasonable; but because the unknown is just that… unknown, I am going to stick to the familiar and keep my scenarios a Final 3.


With six players going into the finale, determining all the possible scenarios for the Final 3 is surely a daunting task. With a possibility of 18 Final 3 scenarios, I am going to pick two to analyze and do a jury break down. My choices are:

  1. The Final 3 Scenario I most want to see!
  2. The Final 3 Scenario I feel we will most likely see!

Our Final 6 are:

  1. Jeremy Collins (San Juan del Sur)
  2. Spencer Blesdoe (Cagayan)
  3. Kelley Wentworth (San Juan del Sur)
  4. Tasha Fox (Cagayan)
  5. Keith Nale (San Juan del Sur)
  6. Kimmi Kappenberg (Australia)


  1. Jeremy, Spencer, Kelley The Final 3 Scenario I most want to see!

Of the remaining players, I would love to see this combination in the finale! All three players have encompassed what a sole Survivor should be; someone who can outwit, outplay, and outlast the others. All three have made the coveted big moves, proven themselves in the challenges, and improved upon their performance from their first game. In my opinion, these three are most deserving of seats at the Final Tribal.

I know who I would want to see win, but in an effort to make an accurate prediction, let’s break down the jury.

  1. Kass McQuillenKelley. Kass would surely vote for Kelley, right? She may respect the game that Jeremy and Spencer have played, but I do not recall her having much of a connection with Jeremy and she certainly has history with Spencer that may not entice her to vote for him.
  2. Andrew Savage – Spencer. Andrew really liked Spencer when he was in the game and were surely vote for him in the final.
  3. Kelly Wiglesworth – Jeremy. As a competitor, Kelly has respect for fellow competitors. Even though Jeremy has not won a lot of challenges, he comes of competitive in nature and has played a pretty straight game which I believe Kelly would have respect for.
  4. Ciera Eastin – Kelley. Ciera would certainly vote for her fellow witch, right? Kelley has made big moves in the game which would garner respect from Ciera.
  5. Stephen Fishbach – Jeremy. Stephen’s tightest ally was Jeremy and Jeremy played an idol for Stephen. Spencer backstabbed Stephen and Stephen was never aligned with Kelley. This is really a no-brainer.
  6. Joe Anglim – Kelley. This is really a toss up between Jeremy and Kelley. We saw Joe have a connection with Kelley throughout the game. Even though Kelley didn’t trust Joe and helped vote him out- everyone voted Joe out. Joe seemed the most hurt by Spencer’s betrayal. I really didn’t see a huge connection between Joe and Jeremy, and Jeremy was aligned with Joe’s rival, Stephen.
  7. Abi-Maria Gomes – Kelley. Abi and Kelley worked together for a significant amount of time post-merge and Kelley did not have a hand in voting Abi out. Abi is surely still bitter so I can’t imagine Spencer or Jeremy attaining her vote.
  8. Kimmi Kappenberg – Jeremy. Kimmi has been pretty loyal to Jeremy the entire game. Depending on how she ‘goes out’, I believe her vote would likely go to Jeremy.
  9. Keith Nale – Kelley. It does not appear to me that Keith has a very close connection with Jeremy or Tasha. His vote would most likely go to Kelley as he has voted with her more than he has voted against her. Plus, they have that San Juan del Sur connection.
  10. Tasha Fox Jeremy. Without knowing exactly how Tasha would get to the jury, this prediction is difficult. But Tasha has shown the upmost loyalty to Jeremy, and I believe that her loyalty would stick in the vote for the million.

Predicted Winner: Kelley Wentworth (5-4-1)

2. Jeremy, Spencer, Tasha – The Final 3 Scenario I feel we will most likely see!

Of the six remaining players, I think this is the most likely scenario. These three are clearly working together, Jeremy still has an idol, and based on last week’s vote, they are in the numbers. Spencer can easily win immunity challenges, and as long as Kelley doesn’t idol one of them out, I think the road to the Final Three is nicely paved for Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha.

  1. Kass McQuillen – Spencer. We certainly know that Kass’ vote would not go to Tasha! I believe she would be introspective enough to respect Spencer’s game and give him the vote for the million.
  2. Andrew Savage – Spencer. The same as above, Andrew likes Spencer, respects the game Spencer plays, and would surely give Spencer his vote.
  3. Kelly Wiglesworth – Jeremy. Kelly would stick to voting for Jeremy, just as in the scenario above. I do not think Tasha being in the Final 3 over Kelley would have any effect on her vote.
  4. Ciera Eastin – Jeremy. With no Kelley in the final 3, it is difficult to predict Ciera’s vote. However, we know she respects big moves, and Jeremy’s first idol play for Stephen and a possible second idol play to come may garner respect from Ciera.
  5. Stephen Fishbach – Jeremy. Again, Stephen’s closest alliance is Jeremy…
  6. Joe Anglim – Jeremy. Joe could go either Jeremy or Tasha, but I believe he will have more respect for Jeremy’s game.
  7. Abi-Maria Gomes – Spencer. Abi is a wild card here. If I hadn’t seen last week’s episode, I might have thought that Abi would give her vote to Tasha. However, Tasha excluded Abi from her conversation with Jeremy, and knowing Abi, that could lose Tasha the vote. I do not think Spencer had many issues with Abi and I believe he could attain her vote in the end.
  8. Kimmi Kappenberg – Jeremy. Just like I said above, Kimmi is going to stay loyal to Jeremy through and through.
  9. Keith Nale – Spencer. With no Kelley in the game, I believe Keith will have the most respect for the game that Spencer has played.
  10. Kelley Wentworth Jeremy. As a dominant player in this game, I believe that Kelley will respect the play of another dominant character in Jeremy. Her vote is surely a toss-up between Jeremy and Spencer, though.

Predicted Winner: Jeremy Collins (6-4-0)

Whatever happens, this was truly once of the best seasons of Survivor we have seen! I personally rank this season with the likes of Micronesia, Heroes vs Villains, and Cagayan. Even with the speculation of GOATS this season, I believe that each of the six remaining players deserves to be there.

Stay tuned for more Survivor blog fun in the off season!

Now, is it Wednesday, yet?

Until next time,


Survivor Rankings- Season 31 Second Chances, Episode 13

So let me get this straight- WE only have two solid hours of episode remaining in Survivor Cambodia and we have six people still on the island? Are WE going to have 3 Tribal Councils plus a Final Tribal all within 2 hours of Survivor?? Or are WE going to have the rumored 4-person Final Tribal? What is going to happen!?

And which WE will prevail??

Either way, I’m excited about it and next Wednesday cannot come soon enough!

The things I am most excited about:

-We finally said goodbye to Abi-Maria. Abi is a wild card and more than slightly irritating most of the time. While I do not particularly understand why she was targeted this week with much bigger threats in the game, I’m sort of happy to see her go.

-Jeremy is in the numbers! Why is no one targeting this guy? He must be playing the picture-perfect social game. I don’t think Spencer made the right move in voting for Abi because he surely can’t beat Jeremy in the end- but Spencer’s blunder is a great thing for Jeremy Collins!

– Kelley and Jeremy still have idols. So not only are we going to have a jam-packed finale, we also have a chance of seeing two idol plays. Is it Wednesday, yet?

-Keith Nale is the lone vote for Tasha in the last Tribal Council, but can’t remember her name after the Reward Challenge in this episode. Oh my gosh, can we please get more Keith Nale on our screens??

-The All Girls Alliance was clearly a red herring. It would have been smart for the girls to stick to this plan because Jeremy and Spencer are huge end game threats, but clearly Tasha and Kimmi are very loyal to their boys and they did not go in that direction.

-Going back to Keith; he clearly thinks it is more plausible for people to believe that he was on Mars before he was in any Cambodian Temple. Again, Keith needs to be on our screens making confessionals at least once every 2 minutes.

-What was Tasha thinking? Tasha told Abi that she wanted to talk to Jeremy privately. Um- you don’t mess with Abi. Maybe Abi is out of the game, but does this move by Tasha hurt her chances in the jury? I certainly do not see her getting Abi’s vote. All we can hope for is that Abi goes crazy at Tribal and gives each of the final 3 (4??) a Sue Hawk speech.

-Spencer can solve a 5-piece puzzle in under 15 seconds. Spencer wins another immunity. It is all too easy for Spencer with Joe gone. And Jeff Probst might be in love with Spencer.

So let’s get right to the post-Episode 13 Player Rankings!


Survivor Ranking 31

Pre-Merge Boot Order:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas (Ta Keo)
  2. Shirin Oskooi (Ta Keo)
  3. Peih-Gee Law (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  4. Jeff Varner (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  5. Monica Padilla (Bayon, Bayon)
  6. Terry Dietz (family emergency) (Ta Keo, Ta Keo)
  7. Woo Hwang (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo)

Post-Merge Boot Order, THE JURY:

  1. Kass McQuillen (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  2. Andrew Savage (Bayon, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  3. Kelly Wiglesworth (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  4. Ciera Eastin (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  5. Stephen Fishbach (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun)
  6. Joe Anglim (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun)
  7. Abi-Maria Gomes (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 7/7

Here are my power-ranking in order from least-likely to win to most-likely to win. These rankings are not intended to predict boot order.

I want to note here that I have read no spoilers and have no idea what the true outcome of the game will be.

6. Kimmi Kappenberg (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 5/7

Kimmi might make it to the end, but her chances of winning are slimmer each week. Kimmi will most likely be viewed as a GOAT and her lack of ‘big moves’ in the game will certainly not warrant many, if any, jury votes. Yes, she did orchestrate the blindside of Monica.. but that was so long ago that I barely remember it happening- and she has done basically  nothing post-merge.

5. Keith Nale (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 6/7

Keith is awesome and I want him to have screen time every minute of the episode. As far as Keith winning the game? Highly unlikely. The dude is totally a GOAT according to the other Survivors and his inability to correctly vote for the actually person going home will hurt his credibility.

4. Tasha Fox (Bayon, Angkor, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 4/7

Tasha had the opportunity to ditch the major threats in the game this week and go with an all-girls alliance. This surely would have been her best bet to win this game, aside from Kelley Wentworth. Aside from Tasha’s loyalty, what has she done in this game to win the million? Nothing that we have seen.

3. Spencer Blesdoe (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 3/7

There is clearly a very real chance of Spencer winning this game. He has some immunity wins under his belt, he has made huge moves (Fishbach and Joe blindsides), and he escaped being on the bottom at the very beginning of the season. But will the jury be bitter? Can he beat Jeremy and Kelley? It still depends on what he does next week, but as of now I am keeping him firmly in 3rd.

2. Kelley Wentworth (Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 2/7

Not much action from Kelley this week, but we do know that the vote put her on the wrong side of numbers. I thought for sure that Spencer would vote with Kelley this week and was surprised to see him swing back to the Jeremy/Tasha block. Kelley still has an idol, though, and she has proven her savvy game play to be on point.

1. Predicted Winner: Jeremy Collins (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 1/7

The dude is playing the perfect social game. Know one is really even floating his name as an option to be voted off! He has another idol, and if he gets to the end I can’t see any other contestant still in the game beating him. He surely has a lot of friends in the jury and has had very little blood on his hands throughout the game. Go, Jeremy!


There you have it, folks! My rankings for the week.

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Later this week I will delve into the multitude of scenarios that could occur on the finale, as well as attempt to break-down jury votes in my blog. Stay tunes!

Until next time,


Survivor Rankings- Season 31 Second Chances, Episode 12

Folks- there are only two episodes remaining in Survivor Second Chances. I have no clue what I am going to do or how I will survive in the off-season!

I’ll probably have to binge San Juan del Sur since this past episode was basically a SJDS reunion!

Not only do we still have Keith, Kelley, and Jeremy, but Dale Wentworth and Val came back for the challenge! Was anyone else having major deja vu??

The things I am most excited about:

-Joe is gone! No, I do not dislike Joe.. but since I have ranked him least likely to win this game for three weeks in a row, his torch-snuff validated my power rankings. Still, Joe is a good guy and it would not shock me to see him come back for a 3rd chance.

-Kelley not only won the reward, she also won immunity. Kelley is truly getting the most out of her second chance. I mean, she didn’t even make the jury her first go-around! Go, Kelley!

– Jeremy and Val are having a baby boy! I’ve been on the fence about whether or not I am cheering for Jeremy, but this episode surely transformed me into a Jeremy fan! I don’t know what was more touching- Jeremy learning about baby boy or Jeremy giving his idol to Fishbach 😉

– Joe is okay! When he collapsed and then CBS went to commercial I was seriously scared. I did not want him to get med-evac’ed this late in the season after he had worked so hard. His collapse was reminiscent of Russell Swan’s collapse in Samoa and it scared me! Happy that Joe is good-to-go! (Aside from being voted out)

-Keith Nale randomly voted for Tasha? Does Keith Nale have any clue what is going on? Or did he just not want to vote for Joe? Or is he trying to make a plea for being the ultimate GOAT and everyone is going to take him to the end? I dunno.

-All Girls Alliance! Okay to be honest, I want Jeremy at the end so I hope Tasha decides against the all girls alliance. BUT- it seems to be to be Tasha’s best bet to go with Kelley, Kimmi, and Abi. So very excited to see how that plays out  next week.

-Another betrayal from Spencer. Joe surely thought Spencer would vote with him just as Stephen thought Spencer would vote with him the previous week. If Spencer makes it to the end, jury votes might be hard to come by. Regardless if he loves his girlfriend or not.

So let’s get right to the post-Episode 12 Player Rankings!


Survivor Ranking 31

Pre-Merge Boot Order:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas (Ta Keo)
  2. Shirin Oskooi (Ta Keo)
  3. Peih-Gee Law (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  4. Jeff Varner (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  5. Monica Padilla (Bayon, Bayon)
  6. Terry Dietz (family emergency) (Ta Keo, Ta Keo)
  7. Woo Hwang (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo)

Post-Merge Boot Order, THE JURY:

  1. Kass McQuillen (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  2. Andrew Savage (Bayon, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  3. Kelly Wiglesworth (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  4. Ciera Eastin (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank 6/10
  5. Stephen Fishbach (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 2/10
  6. Joe Anglim (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank 8/8

Here are my power-ranking in order from least-likely to win to most-likely to win. These rankings are not intended to predict boot order.

I want to note here that I have read no spoilers and have no idea what the true outcome of the game will be.

7. Abi-Maria Gomes (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 7/8

Abi cannot win this game. I think it is possible for her to get to the end of this game as a GOAT, but I do not see her attaining any votes form the jury. It isn’t even a question of who she is up against- Abi will not win this game.

6. Keith Nale (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 4/8

I love Keith Nale and was excited to see him win the immunity challenge. However, Keith’s closest ally, Joe, left this week and Keith will have to rely on his other alliances which are not very strong. In turn, I think the only people that Keith would have a chance against in the final tribal are Kimmi and Abi. If it is Kimmi, Abi, and Keith sitting there on day 39- well that is the ultimate GOAT alliance and I think Kimmi would have a slight edge over Keith. Sorry Keith, I just do not think it is going to happen for you this time.

5. Kimmi Kappenberg (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 5/8

So randomly Kimmi wants an all girl’s alliance after ousting Monica Padilla for having the same idea weeks ago? Kimmi, dude, I thought you were Bayon strong? I believe that Kimmi is playing a much smarter game than she did in Season 2, but not smart enough to win her the million.

4. Tasha Fox (Bayon, Angkor, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 6/8

I actually think Tasha has a decent shot of winning the game. At this point she is in the perfect position of picking which group she wants to go with- all girls or Jeremy and Spencer. All girls seems to get Tasha the furthest but making that choice would burn bridges. I just don’t see her garnering enough votes in the end… I mean what does she really have on her resume?

3. Spencer Blesdoe (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 2/8

Spencer is burning bridges. With Joe out of the game, he does have a shot to win more immunities and make it to the end. However, I see a bitter jury in his future (led by Stephen and Joe?).

2. Kelley Wentworth (Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 3/8

Kelley has proven she is a physical beast as well as a strategic and savvy player. She surely has an outwit argument, an outplay argument, and if she makes it to the end, an outlast argument. Oh- and she still has a hidden immunity idol in her pocket!

Predicted Winner: Jeremy Collins (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 1/8

I am still placing Jeremy at the number 1 spot. He is so likable and has played a great social and strategic game that I think he is very difficult to beat. However, I do think it is a toss up between him, Spencer, and Kelley. Jeremy needs to hope that Tasha does not flip the vote on the side of the women this coming week or that will surely spell doom for Jeremy. Oh- and he still has a hidden immunity idol in his pocket!

There you have it- my rankings for this week! See you next week for more Survivor Cambodia Second Chances!

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Until next time,