Writer’s Bloc(k)

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that when inspiration hits… you have to write about it- because it seldom hits.

My last month has been chalk full of revelations, ideas, caffeine, realizations, insomnia, thinking, pondering, over-thinking, and the likes.

I realize that most of the adjectives I just listed are indeed synonyms, but I love words so much that I want to use them all.

Here’s the thing, creativity does not exist without experience. I can’t write a novel if I don’t have something that truly moves me…

I think the best authors out there are men and women who have deeply felt something.

I do not think that age is pertinent, or the amount you have traveled, or your educational background; I think any ol’ schmuck can write something brilliant if it comes from the heart.

And here is the struggle- because matters of the heart can be exhausting. I like to imagine that I can live an ideal life without being emotional about anything. It is so much easier to shy away from feelings and simply act out of logic.

But the best authors- they write interesting people. They write about characters that you can empathize with, characters that you can’t get out of your head; characters that you feel like you really know at the end of the story.

And if you’re unwilling to put yourself out there and let go of your guard, you really can’t get to know people. And if you don’t know people, how will you understand them enough to write about them?

Writing a novel has been on my bucket list since before I could even read novels. When I was little I would write story after story- the ideas and the inspiration were constant; and I miss that so much.

Now I  justify my permanent writer’s block with excuses of being too young, too inexperienced, too naive. In all reality, my inability to be inspired, based on the notion that emotions are weak and to be avoided, is my own fault.

So- enough gibberish; the inspiration is hitting and I won’t be sleeping any time soon… this must be the time to write.

Until next time,


Trampolines & Dreams

A beautiful weekend-

The weather is finally ideal, the trees are full of life, the flowers are pinks and purples and pungent, birds are especially melodious; spring is vibrant.

Some of my most beautiful weekend moments were spent on my kids’ trampoline. And although the moments are absolutely wonderful when my children join me, I value the alone time I have on the tramp. The time I have to soak in the sunshine and think.

The trampoline is a little oasis for me. It is the ideal spot for dreaming. And it seems like lately, I’ve been dreaming a lot.

I generally like to float through life in somewhat of a logical, robotic state. Actions should be calculated to ensure that the reaction is exactly what you planned.

However, this spring has evoked a new excitement in my mind, a desire to change, to embrace emotions, and to allow feelings of inspiration and rejuvenation to nest in my brain.

After all, you can’t plan everything. It goes against the very nature of life.

The warmth of the May sun, the perfect hint of a breeze, the stack of un-read books, and the circular cut of sky that the trampoline reflects in my sunglasses is the perfect atmosphere to think.

You only have one life to live. You only have one shot to do, to feel, to experience. Life can become so mundane and so predictable. And the thing that frightens me is the predictability because knowing exactly what will happen doesn’t coincide with creativity and inspiration and emotions.

And to get done what I want to get done in my life, I need creativity, I need the inspiration, and unfortunately, I need the emotions.

Every choice you make, whether good or bad, can lead you to a realm of change and revelation. Every story you create is something to draw from, to experience, to take full advantage of- to embrace the nature of life and love.

The most beautiful things are the things that make you feel, the things that jolt you from your normal life and trigger metacognition.

And this weekend, I am so very thankful for beautiful things and new experiences.


Until next time,